Carcass Results



Globex has retired from showing Carcass steers. Congratulations to those showing carcass Galloway steers.

2005 Sydney Royal Show

A Galloway Steer by Globex Urban was exhibited by Barry & Val Presland from Tamworth and won the Light Weight Carcass Competition at the 2005 Sydney Royal Show.  Congratulations to Barry & Val.

2002 Canberra Royal Show

A ten and a half month old Full blood Galloway steer exhibited by Merlin & Jane Bradley of Globex Gully Ranches, Wodonga won the medium weight carcass class and was awarded Reserve Champion Carcass of the 2002 Royal Canberra Show and was just one point behind the Champion.

The steer, which was in the medium weight class, was not selected by the live judge. However he scored maximum points for Rib Eye Area, Rib Fat Depth, Meat Colour, and Fat Distribution.

Lachlan Valley Meat group purchased the steer at the auction on Thursday evening. Alec Mackie, Manager of Lachlan Valley Meat, told Merlin at the auction that he had just purchased the Champion carcass. Well almost.

Alec said of the carcass "This is a carcass of excellent quality in ALL respects and justly deserves the Blue Ribbon.

The attribute that stands out the most out in my mind is the 'silky softness' of the eye muscle that reflects the most important of all characteristics - tenderness of meat.

This carcass exhibited very full muscle with a perfect selvage cover (fat cover).

With a cold weight of 218kg along with a perfect selvage and large eye muscle, this carcass would return the absolute maximum yield for both the producer and processor.

The overall quality and yield of this carcass is second to none."

This Globex Steer won the Galloway Carcass Bonanza. Second place went to a Miniature Galloway Steer in the Heavy weight class. This steer was exhibited by Peter & Gina Sutherland, Wodonga. Third place in the Galloway Carcass Bonanza went to another Galloway steer exhibited by Merlin & Jane Bradley.


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